Dissapointing experience in TG F

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    Just got home from a disappointing experience in TG F from BKK to FRA.

    - Waited more then 15 minutes in the F check-in area. Event there was only 1 other pax there when arrived.

    - No towel or juice was served in the check in area.

    - No transport from F lounge to Gate A 6. Had to walk. And A6 is on the end of the A pier.

    - After boarding, 2 thai men (empolyees??) was moved up from C. Both the Cabin Manager (or what its called) and the captain was down there saying hello to them, but never even say hello to the rest of us in F.

    - No name recognition anywhere.

    - 2 very young Thai girls was serving. They where total helpless. When trying to find the right white wine she lifted up all the bottles and read on them. Even the cognac. Shows that she didnt know anything about the products they where serving. One thing is that she didnt know how to open a bottle of Dom P, but when she didnt know how to open a bottle of port wine, I had to conclude that she definitely was at the wrong place. And she continuously placed the plates and stuff on the wrong place on my table.

    - I had pre-ordered a fillet steak. They served it to me before the starter. When I told them, they took it back, and served the starter. The pumpkin soup was cold. I asked if it was supposed to be that, and then they took it back to reheat it. It came back but tasted absolutely nothing. And what is the point of serving a plate with a bowl of soup, a small plate with one tiny scallop, and one with 2 cubes of foie gras pate. It doesnt work together!!

    - When they came back with my main course, it was reheated for the second time, and was completely dry. My friend, having the same said his was nice though.

    - When cheese was served, I asked what cheeses they where. She didnt know, and went back to the galley for a piece of paper with the description. She then point on the stilton and told me that was the Emmentaler. Again: Knowing the products??

    - Because of the inexperienced stewardesses the service was very slow on this late night flight. And I really felt irritated. In addition the English skills was very poor. And the Cabin manager was obviously not interested in talking to the F pax at all.

    - Why do they have so extremely small toilets in F (or in C for that sake) ? There where some perfume products there, but no indication if it was for men or woman.

    On the positive side:
    - They didnt ran out of Dom P (probably since we where on the way home, ha ha)

    - Seat is ok.

    - Lounge experience at BKK nice.

    - Nice welcome in FRA and escorted to lounge.

    Pretty glad I didnt pay full price for the ticket, because then I really would have been mad!

    Just had to share with you!
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    I can totally relate to this, as I have great experiences in TG F and such poor ones that you can't believe it's F. Crew can be hit or miss, and that will be the deciding factor. It would never happen on SQ, all these service quirks or failures if you will. No wonder SQ can charge much higher prices.

    These days I will enter a TG F cabin with low expectations, be happy that I have Dom and a flat bed. Anything else is a bonus.
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    My fondest memory of Thai F is when NO FA knew where the life vests were - not where indicated on card. Good thing I didn't need to find them in an emergency!

    OTOH the first lounge (and first check in if you find it) in Bangkok is quite nice.
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    I thought A6 was in the domestic concourse? Or is the A concourse now used for international flights?

    I was very surprised to read that 2 young girls were working in F. From experience usually they have senior mamas working there. I think service on TG is hit or miss. I've had indifferent FAs but I thought on my last 8 flights with them in April and June, service has markedly improved.
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    We just took four sectors with TG F: SYD-BKK-FRA-BKK-SYD. All on discounted first fare. Both SYD flights were on the 744s and both FRA flights on the 77Ws with the suites. Catering was very good ex-BKK but just so-so ex-FRA and ex-SYD. One young Thai lady served the BKK-SYD sector (the last of the four TG sector on the trip). She had pretty good command of English, didn't screw up our orders and was active asking the entire cabin for DOM refills. :p (most F pax on that sector ordered the DOM. But among all the crews we got for the entire trip, she was the only one that was young. Nothing to complain about on our end for the crews who served us but overall, I still prefer SQ's crews.

    Didn't take more than 8 minutes to get checked in ex-BKK (as we transited one night there and flew the next afternoon). But ex-FRA, it took almost 20 minutes from the time we lined up to the time we got our BPs as the agent who checked us in wasn't too familiar on how to tag our bags all the way to AKL since our TG sectors and ticket went as far as only SYD and the connecting sector to AKL on NZ was on a separate ticket. So he had to get his supervisor to sort things out for us. It worked at the end and not only our bags were tagged to AKL but we managed to also get our SYD-AKL bp(s) printed at FRA.

    And yes...........getting the full body oil massage on both the outbound and inbound parts of the trip really did wonders for our body! :cool:
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    During the day A and B are domestic concourses but once 10PM comes around, and domestic flights are finished for the day, A and B can host international flights. Ramps from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor were built about 2 years ago to allow for this use.
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    They are shocking, you should fly Lufthanza the German Airline is extremely good and they look after passengers flying to and from FRA. United the American airline does a fantastic job, you have to hand it to the Americans, or another good one is British airways. I do not like the Asians airlines as they do not know very much about wines. I had a bad flight and they gave me a free flight so I hope you have complained to the airline,writting here makes you feel better, a free flight will make you happier.I know how unhappy you are, I only let it happen once, like when I tried wasabi, we are not meant to be sad, hope you are feeling better.

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