Disney has an odd of the future

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  1. I have been reading the Wonderful Unofficial Guide of Disneyland states that the Disneyland Monorail has no air conditioning. The irony is that its in Tommowland. Does Disney not think that we will have air con in the future!!!! What were they thinking?
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    They've replaced the monorail cars more than once since 1959(?) and they've never have air-conditioning, unlike the ones at Walt Disney World in Florida. I guess it has less to do with their look of the future and more with their look of dollars and cents. Though compared to Florida, the Disneyland monorail system is MUCH smaller and the climate in CA is often much drier and more tolerable.

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    I've never been to the one in Cal.... but think there's a technical problem here -- how long is the ride and how often do they open the doors and how big are they --- you could as my mother used to say "just cooling the outside."

    Bob H

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