Disgraceful: Congress bill allows employees to strand pax who complain about sucky air travel

Discussion in 'Newsstand' started by ahappyelite, Aug 8, 2018.

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    Banana Republic we are, Congress carrying a bill that would silence Or retaliate against air customers who complain about travel by cartel-an outlaw industry totally unaccountable seeking to use the law-so brazen and perverse. Pax could be left stranded and the police would play the role of heavies in covering for America's cruelest industry thaf cares not a wit about people, just algorithms. An industry whose executives loot their companies and are utterly unreachable at their corporate bunkers. Try calling Oscar Munozs office and see how far you get. Besides he knows how much United sucks-he designed it thaf way, and thinks it’s a masterpiece.
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    Do you have a link?

    Is this actually under serious consideration? Remember, any member of Congress can propose a bill, and many propose nonsense ones that won't go anywhere either because they're idiots, or to please a contributor. Those die a death of silence. It's generally only if they actually get to a committee, and are discussed or hearings are held, that you need to take them seriously.
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