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Do you still use your discover card?

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  1. Whendoublewidesfly

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    (copied from here)
    Every now and then I like to go through my crazy credit card collection and see what credit cards I’ve had throughout my lifetime. I like to keep my old credit cards instead of shredding them. I guess I do it more because it’s a hobby than for anything else. It’s more of a remember that one time, when I did this, thank god I had that credit card to bale me out, or get me that free trip!
    Today when going through my old credit cards, I came across my Discover Card. I instantly thought about how much I lived this card when I was younger. I used it for everything and I loved that it was a miles card! Yet, despite it being a miles card, I didn’t have to turn miles into a specific airline, I could turn it into cash! So if I wanted to take myself out for a nice dinner I could or I had the option to cash the miles in for travel on any airline any time!

    The Discover Miles card has NO annual charge and come with 12,000 bonus miles (as long as you make 12 purchases on the card a month each month for 12 months). In addition the first 3,000 dollars you spend on the card for dinning or travel earn you double miles! If you’re looking for a card just too slowly get yourself a free plane ticket, then this one maybe for you.
    However, if you’re looking for a miles card to pay for itself and get free travel faster Check out the Discover Escape card! This card earns DOUBLE miles on EVERY purchase, but has an Annual fee of $60 a year. The sign up bonus is 25,000 miles and 25,000 miles = 250 in CASH or can be redeemed through the discover store! However, like the Miles card, on the escape you must make 25 purchases a month to qualify for the bonus offer. The good news is, you could by 25 sticks of gum and ring it up 25x and you’d be set!
    There’s also 10000s of ways to earn double and triple miles through shop discover and then when it comes time to redeem if you don’t want cash, check out the Discover store and turn those miles into gift cards. For example 4,000 miles = $100 gift card for the Hyatt or 2,000 miles for $40 off a car rental from Alamo or Enterprise (and if you’re going to Hawaii, Enterprise doesn’t charge $20/day young driver fee for t hose 21-24!)! The options are endless and the Discover Card is a good way to start your mile churning, especially if you looking for freedom or cash back or a card that doesn’t come with the new standard $100 annual fee!
    Also ALL discover Cards come with 24/7 travel assistance, $0 Liability protection from fraud, phone rep on the phone in 60 seconds or less guaranteed--unheard of in this line of business--and a number of other benefits for tracking your spending and the way you pay. And If you cash your miles in for dollars and then use the dollars to pay for airfare you also get to earn miles on the flight into your Frequent Flyer account!
    Clearly, if you're looking to do some credit card churning and make miles fast, the discover card isn't for you. But when I was 18 and just getting started, the Discover worked great! SO if your a newbie, your credit score isn't the best, and you're just trying to discover the game. This one could work
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  2. wrxmom

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    I cancelled my Discover card back in 2005, after Costco switched to AMEX. But this was long before I knew that I should keep old cards and just never use them.
  3. zphelj

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    I've had a regular Discover card (cash back variety) since 1991 and used it last night at a restaurant because of the 5% bonus offer for restaurants running right now. Their special bonuses, mall bonuses and bonuses on redemptions for things like gift cards make it a better deal than a lot of mileage cards in my humble opinion though, as always, your mileage may vary. They often have great shopping bonuses at christmas time. 10-20% cash back credit for presents that you then expand with more expanded value on gift card redemptions? Hard to beat.
  4. FlyingBear
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    Exactly. They have some of the best cashback on select sites, such as Apple (5%!) and Groupon (15%!) and rotating categories are also nice. I use it as one of my main 4 cards depending on online shopping needs and current rotating categories. 10% bonus on gift cards from cashback are also nice.
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  5. DrRingDing

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