Dilma will expedite the works of the 2014 World Cup- she raises the stakes

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    O Globo reported today:

    BRASILIA - The president Rousseff will go into camp to try to expedite the progress of works for the 2014 World Cup, which are overdue, according to the Court of Audit (TCU), and are subject to criticism even from the Economic Policy Institute (IPEA) , an agency of the government. Dilma will act on two fronts: on Monday, will meet with Sports Minister Orlando Silva, and the Chief Minister's Secretariat of the Presidency of Civil Aviation, Wagner Bittencourt, to try to close the model concession of airports , the main bottleneck of the preparations for the games. On the other hand, want to split the bill Dilma Cup with the governors of 12 states with the host cities.
    WORKS : IPEA says airports will not be ready for World Cup 2014
    Dilma the 12 governors will meet in coming days. It will show that the federal government wants to act as a partner. The calculation is political: to demonstrate that the event could be a win-win game if they work together. Therefore, the government is considering creating a committee to monitor closely the progress of projects for the World Cup in those states.
    The idea is not to have another body to demand results, but, as with the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC), see the status of each work and identify how the federal government can contribute.
    When calling the governors to talk, Dilma will point out that, politically and electorally, they may be most likely to benefit or suffer most with the final of the Cup in their states. In the highlands it is remembered that among the reasons for the former governor of Para Ana Julia Carepa (PT) did not win re-election last year is the fact that I lost to the Amazon one of the seats.
    The political damage may occur even in states where the works of the Cup did not go well. Among the 12 governors who have the tournament in their fields, eight will run for reelection in 2014.
    Orlando Silva, the best formula to ensure success of the organization is to unite efforts, both among federal agencies and between federal, state and municipalities. Silva admitted on Sunday that the timing of the Cup has reached a critical point:
    - The year 2011 is decisive for the success of 2014.
    Nine of the thirteen works package Cup even left the drawing board. Among the investments for urban mobility, 16 of the 50 projects are at risk of delays, according to the TCU.
    To avoid suspension of works, the government will also propose to the supervisory bodies, and the TCU and the Comptroller General (CGU) to enhance the preventive control. One task is to point out the most recurring problems and identify solutions for a speedy execution. Unlike former President Lula, who criticized the surveillance, Dilma wants to bring it closer.
    In the case of airports, Dilma can hit the gavel on the concession model to the private sector on Monday. It should only grant the new airports or expand the model to older buildings, reforms or expansion.

    Leia mais sobre esse assunto em http://oglobo.globo.com/pais/mat/2011/04/24/para-agilizar-obras-da-copa-de-2014-dilma-se-reunira-com-ministros-governadores-924307493.asp#ixzz1KXgP3MZG
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