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    Hi everyone,

    Today we take another step in the overall redesign of our digital channels—the launch of the redesigned United mobile app for Android devices.

    In redesigning the Android version of the app, our eCommerce team used data from our current app to understand which features and functions were most important to customers. There’s a lot we’ve packed into this release, including some completely new functionality.

    Here’s an overview:

    Updated functionality
    As with the iOS app released a few months ago, the Android version updates popular tasks like booking and checking in for a flight, monitoring flight status and checking your MileagePlus account summary. Some of the notable updates include:
    • An easier way to see all the boarding passes for reservations with more than one traveler.
    • The option to book award travel with multiple segments.
    • Redesigned seats map graphics that are easier to view.
    New functionality
    The app also has several new functions that were introduced with the iOS version, such as travel cards and a travel wallet, as well as extras like Sudoku, a checked bag fees calculator, a currency converter and airport maps.

    Really new functionality
    Unique to this release and (for the moment) the Android app are a few changes designed to improve overall usability:
    • Text navigation along the top screen
    • Ability to scroll both vertically and horizontally
    • The screen will re-orient when rotated so you can use the features in either direction
    • For multiple travelers or viewing multiple flight statuses, the data will now stack to show more information at-a-glance
    • When you are signed in to the app, any active reservations in your account will have travel cards
    • Widget is available on the home screen for quick access into the app
    We will introduce many of these elements to the iOS version later this year as we continue to update and improve our app across iOS, Android and Windows devices. And our digital improvements won’t stop there—our new website is in the works. In the next few months, we will begin to launch the new It will be a phased approach that will span all of 2014, and you can expect that the Preview program will be a key part of each release.

    In the meantime, the updated Android app (which is compatible with KitKat and previous operating platforms) is now available from the Google Play store.

    -UA Insider
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    Thanks for the update. It's working fine so far, but I am noticing that most of the text input fields, like Flight Status for example, are not taking focus and thus bringing up the keyboard for input. The cursor is in the field but if I remember correctly an extra step has to be taken to launch the keyboard at the same time. It makes for less clicks and gestures.
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    This is a much more mature app, and most of the old and new features seem to work properly (a real auto screen re-orient, e.g., was overdue). I like the hidden menus that can be displayed by swiping the screen left or right. As for the extra step to bring up the keyboard, I prefer that behavior to having the keyboard pop up on its own, since I might not even want to type anything. In fact, I prefer a "click to activate" keyboard because I generally use the hard keyboard on my DROID, which makes the soft or pop up keyboard a bit of a nuisance at times, but YMMV.
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    Me likely!
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    Thanks for the update. I don't know if I'd call the currency converter new. It use to be there on the Android version and then removed.
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    Thanks for this update.
    Feel some functionality has been lost with the new version.

    Possible bug:
    An itinerary checked-in online is unable to re-display boarding passes on the mobile version. (only gives me "email the BP's for printing" option).
    This itinerary involves Silver Airways as the last segment (single ticket issued on 016 stock).
    So I better go and print the passes I guess.

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