Digiboo video rental kiosks

Discussion in 'Travel Technology' started by viguera, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Interesting... I guess they're targeting this directly at folks that travel and don't bring their own movies, or that perhaps are interested in seeing something more recent that might be available in a kiosk -- assuming you don't download/rip your own movies. :)


    The main difference is that they don't use discs but rather you insert a USB stick and they copy the movie into it -- presumably with some kind of DRM or its own player, as they offer rentals as well as purchases. Once the copy is complete you just take your drive and go on your way.

    Of course this is problematic in many fronts, since quite a few people travel with iPads or tablets without a standard USB port -- or without expandable storage at all. I suppose it makes sense if you bring a laptop though, but I guess time will tell whether these things take off or not.

    So far they're running limited trials in MSP, SEA and a couple of other airports.
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