Did I just figure out a way to beat Capital One?

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    Okay I know this isn't much in terms of reward potential ... but its there.

    Some background. I had my fiancee apply for the CSP back in Jan of last year, she got denied. (I didn't know you could call in to the reconsider line... so she had a hard pull for nothing.) Knowing she was going to be out the country I really wanted to get a FOREX free card, so I was like why not get the Venture Card. She applied, got approved and used it for a while, earning 2% to be used in reimbursement of travel related expenses.

    Come Jan of this year, I had her call into C1 to see if she could downgrade her card, because we didn't wanna be hit with the AF. Choices were VentureOne (1.25% back on travel) or Capital One Cash Card (1% back + 50% bonus on the 1% annually). We opted for the Cash Card. When that occurred, her "miles" got converted into cash ... and guess what? We got the full 2% plus the sign on bonus as cash.

    Yeah .5 of a percent isn't great ... but since we don't use the card, pure cash/check is better than using the "miles" to get reimbursed on travel related expenses right?
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