Did American Institute Dynamic Award Pricing?

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    Not one to link to my own blog posts, there are plenty of bloggers who posted about this today to see details.

    Apparently, dynamic AAnytime Award pricing popped up on JFK-LAX today, with prices as high as 97.5K one-way for F. Yikes!

    If it's true and not an error (and given AA's recent behavior, it's likely) how does this affect your loyalty to AA if you're an elite member? Is United the only one of the Big 3 who hasn't moved to dynamic award pricing?
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    Just one more nail in their coffin as far as I'm concerned!
    Just spent 5 hours over the last 3 days for the SAME ticket that keeps being ticketed and then bouncing (which I would never know was no longer valid if I didn't check my account on line), but NEVER notified by them that the ticket was really NOT ISSUED (despite an email with a ticket number!)
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    I would be looking at moving to exclusively Connetmiles, but UA only allows Star Gold to take two checked bags - even in F. Being MDE based, that's a major problem for me. They also don't have curbside check-in for international travel, and they are very consistent about limiting weight to 70.5 pounds. No tolerance. No option to pay for overweight, either.

    The AAnytime award availability is a major pain for me lately. I have already qualified for EXP. The plan was to fly using my large bank of miles. The miles being charged for F, however, have caused me to opt to just pay in many cases.

    Last Monday I needed a RT ticket (returned today) MDE-MIA-TPA-MIA-MDE. 180,000 miles for J/F or $1555 for economy. I should have just paid the roughly $200 more for paid F, but I was in a hurry and in sticker shock. The outbound actually booked straight into J/F. I had to waitlist an SWU for the return, and it didn't clear until yesterday at T-24. This despite TPA-MIA being wide open in F nd MDE-MDE being a light load with 3 open J.

    They are holding out until the last possible second. An argument could be made that it's just good business, but it seems short-sighted to me. I'm an EXP who buys almost exclusively in J/F to have the seats I want and not end up in a cabin where I don't want to be. I have chronic leg pain that is bad enough up front. Anything over two hours is really unbearable for me.

    On top of this issue, they have more problems than I'll go into here, but since March, I have been given 37,500 "CUSTOMER SERVICE BONUS" miles that I would gladly give back to have not endured what I went through to earn them. Not to mention the apology emails that address issues other than those about which I complained.

    So the problem remains. Where to go? Every option has major issues. Copa is my favorite, but they have limited US destinations, so connecting to/from UA and using them for O&D domestic travel would be prohibitively expensive with my bags. Not to mention UA's poor coverage of the SE USA. This just stinks.

    Edit: It's late, and I just flew in from TPA. That's my excuse, and I'm stickin' to it! I mistakenly referred to Saver awards as AAnytime awards in the above post. AAnytime are always available, but they have been dynamically priced out of MDE for months now. It's the Saver awards that are difficult to impossible to find, depending primarily on the dates I need to travel. I have noticed, however, that they seem to have programmed award tickets to make it almost impossible to get Saver awards in both directions.
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