Detroit Security Breach

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    A security breach at Detroit Metro Airport Thursday night has caused a lockdown at the McNamara Terminal.

    The Transportation Security Administration says a passenger exited the terminal through an exit lane. He then decided to return into the terminal and forced his way back in while ignoring the instructions of the TSA officer standing nearby.


    The picture below is troubling to me for a couple of reasons:
    - It shows people being herded like cattle.
    - If there were a true emergency, such as someone shooting up the place, some people will be stuck.

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    Thanks for posting, Captain Oveur, and a great photo to accompany the story! I understand that shutting down the airport by closing security barriers between the "secure" and "non-secure" areas of the airport is SOP whenever a "security breach" is understood to have occurred. I saw this same scenario occur a couple of years ago at BWI. If you are unfortunately ever caught in the middle of this, you can assume that it will be a while before things resume to anywhere near normal at the airport. The only good news is that it's perhaps unlikely that many airplanes will depart the airport during this excitement, and that your flight will likely be just as delayed as you are, waiting on either side of the security barrier.
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