Detecting curtain moves?

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    Any chance of adding a feature to detect curtain moves?

    Consider a scenario where we have business class rows 1-7, economy row 8-back. But then a curtain move results in it being biz: 1-4, economy 5-back.

    It would be great to setup a simple alert if the cutain has moved, given that seat (say) 5A could be available already (in biz), you just want to check if it is not in economy now - so a simple check for a curtain move would be helpfull, rather than trying to achive the same effect watching all seats (which as I said, given the rows could be available in biz, would not work).

    There is also the situation where the airline returns data: Biz 1-3, Economy 8-back. - Because they are particularly not sure where the curtain will be yet so are blocking some rows hoping to keep their flexiblity in that area.
    In the past on EF most BA flights returned data like this (with rows 4-7 not listed in either cabin), but they now seem to return blocked seats for the yet undecided rows. Again, this would require selecting all seats to achieve the effect. [And would not work if it moved in the manner described first in this post - move of seats from biz into economy.]

    [Another reason why attempting to achive this using a specific seat(s) as the test, rather than all the seats, would not work is due to the lag between EF checks for changes. In that time, the blocked seats could have been unblocked, but the seat used for the alert already grabbed by someone else. Also, again this would not work in the first case in this post.].

    Therefore, any chance of either a simple curtain moved alert, and/or alerts such as:
    Window|Aisle|Any seat available in cabin: X, forward of row Y.

    Alternativly, if anyone can think of a way to achieve this (safely/reliably) using existing EF alerts please let me know!
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    Thanks for the question. The way Seat Alerts work is that we use the Seat Map results to confirm that a cabin/flight/date, and in the case of a seat specific alert, the physical seat actually exists so that when a user creates a Seat Alert, we know that the alert is valid and has a chance to be successful. Given the varying ways that airlines could show a curtain that has or may move, especially not showing the rows that are in limbo at all, it wouldn’t work well with the current system.

    What you are describing is more of a seat/row existence alert as opposed to a seat availability alert as you really want to know if a seat (still) exists in the cabin, regardless of its status. This is further complicated when the row doesn't exist in any cabin currently because non-existent rows may later show up fully in just one cabin so then 2 alerts (one for each cabin) are really required, if I understand what you are saying correctly, in order to be notified of any configuration change.

    It would be more then just a simple modification to the existing Seat Alerts to ensure all possible modifications are caught. We will look into it, however it would be a lower priority as we tend to work on improvements that apply to the greatest number of users first.

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