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    Months ago there was a lot of discussion about the effect of photo threads on Destination Travel; some thought those threads overwhelmed the forum. I think the balance has settled down, and those threads are significant contributors to Destination Travel. They provide visual inspiration to people researching or reminiscing about destinations.

    However, in the interim Nile Guide has become a tsnuami, washing away everything else in Destination Travel. I find many of the Nile Guide posts very interesting and well written, but with so many in there, it's hard to find anything else. New threads created by members quickly get washed back to page three oblivion.

    I think it's time to revisit the forum reorganization discussions, and perhaps create a special Nile Guide forum and rejuvenate Destination Travel. Your thoughts?

    (if you're not familiar with the photo threads, check the link in my sig below)
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    Methinks there are two issues at play here. NileGuide posts and Destination Travel Photo threads.

    NileGuide posts in threads such as "California" appear to be posted on a regular basis and are overwhelming the user-provided content. In another thread, "Africa", it appears there was an infusion of NileGuide posts on February 4th and none since. Should we assume that the NileGuide posts are there to provide a steady stream of new content regardless of what user-provided content is there? Another question: what is the benefit of comercially provided content that is only partially complete and takes the reader to another site to finish it? We need to know why the NileGuide posts are actually there to know what to recommend regarding the posts/content.

    Destination Photo threads are a nice addition to the site. When MP was launched, there was a bit of a rush to post content and some of us had lots of photos to share, which kept the Destination Photo threads at the top of the list where it overwhelmed the user-provided written content. That's probably settled down quite a bit now that we're a few months down the line. But if there's still a concern that Destination Travel Photo threads will continue to overwhelm the user-provided written content, perhaps they can be grouped in a single sticky folder within each region, i.e., this (see below):

    >>California Destination Travel Photo Thread (whatever it might be named)
    >>>Los Angeles
    >>>San Diego
    >>>San Francisco
    (I'm just using these city names to show cities/destinations in alpha order as they are created by Gargoyle/whomever as users post their own photos from their California destinations)

    >>Colorado Destination Travel Photo Thread
    Make sense?
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