Despite Ruling on Airfare Ads, Add-On Fees Still Confuse Travelers

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    Consumers can rest easy that airfares will continue to be advertised with taxes and mandatory fees, as the Supreme Court earlier this week rejected a challenge by three airlines looking to overturn an existing rule.

    The rule, instituted in January 2012, requires airlines to advertise airfares on their websites and other locations containing all mandatory taxes and fees, instead of simply the base fare. The difference between an advertised base fare and total fare that a traveler ends up paying is often significant.

    But the court ruling Wednesday still leaves unanswered questions about those pesky, optional add-on fees — such as priority boarding — that further jacks up an overall ticket price.

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    If anyone at CNBC is seriously confused about priority boarding, they should not buy it. Then they can fly blissfully confused at no extra charge. :p
    Btw, i wish the Supreme Court extended their ruling to all mandatory retail taxes, not just the air fares.

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