Despite Confirmation, Her Wedding Trip Booked On Hotwire Vanishes

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    Despite Confirmation, Her Trip Booked On Hotwire Vanishes (A Wedding Awaits)

    Kevin Hunt - The Bottom Line The Bottom Line
    December 14, 2013

    In late October, Kimberly Johnson of Manchester, says she booked a flight for three to Tampa, Fla., on JetBlue, rented a car and got trip insurance for her cousin's wedding that was only two weeks away.

    ... Like most travel sites, Hotwire gave Johnson a reference number. But when Johnson didn't get an invoice or purchase confirmation, she returned to the website — yet found neither. She called Hotwire, which also could not find a record of her trip. She rebooked, over the phone, and received JetBlue ticket numbers and confirmation.

    "I verified the confirmation numbers was for JetBlue and [the Hotwire representative] said it was," she says. "It appeared to be pretty straightforward."

    ...a week before the wedding. Johnson received a "Your Hotwire Trip to Tampa" email with an itinerary that included, incredibly, only the rental car...

    Read the entire story here:,0,6392500.column
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    Some years ago, I made airlines reservations directly with the airline over the phone because I had to redeem cash from a previously cancelled flight.

    I thought all was good but I had this nagging feeling and went to check the confirmation # on the site a few days later. Turns out the confirmation I received was only for a 24 hour hold and subsequently expired.

    AA was great in addressing it and honoring the original rate but I'll tend to triple check these things now
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    That's a good piece of advice!

    I once flew back home from ICN on Dec. 30 to make sure I'd be there for New Year's, only to find out that my flight on New Year's Eve (separate booking) had been cancelled ... 2 months earlier!
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    Recently I booked a ticket on AA, using a travel agency. I understood the reservation had been ticketed, and indeed the AA website showed the itinerary as "Ticketed". The ticket was to be billed to a company, not to me personally, so I had no credit card bill coming and went happily on my way secure in the knowledge that the flight had been ticketed.

    However, about a month later when I accessed the itinerary (still showing ticketed) to upgrade one leg, I was told this could not be done. AA stated that the reservation had not in fact been ticketed.

    I contacted the company and was told that they had indeed not yet paid for the ticket (something about cash-flow management). I mentioned that I wanted to upgrade the flight and could they please finish ticketing the reservation so that I could do so.

    I am somewhat surprised that AA would show the reservation (PNR) as "ticketed" when it had not been. In the end, though, no harm done.
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