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Discussion in 'DEN | Denver International Airport' started by YEGman, Feb 27, 2013.

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    I had the misfortune to have to fly through DEN on Sunday night, February 24, 2013 at the end of the snowstorm.

    I was on UA445 connecting to UAX3530 and because of the storm we sat on ground delay in PSP for almost an hour. The flight arrived about an hour late, the skybridge was malfunctioning so by the time we deplaned at B25 it was already a few minutes past the scheduled departure of 3530.

    Going to the Departure Board, there was no flight for YEG to be found! I then ran all the way to B52 as I recall to see the Gate sign say "CLOSED" yet found out that the inbound hadn't even arrived. 3530 left about an hour late.

    I know that the City of Denver is responsible for the signs but they ought to get their act together in a situation like this when almost all flights are delayed. I t sure would have saved me running all the way to the Gate.

    DEN is rapidly approaching PHX as my least favourite airport to connect through in the US.
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  2. You are "running":D out of airports to like it seems
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    I haven't had that bad a situation at DIA, but I know I have had gate changes which I and others were notified via text or e-mail a bit before the GA seemed to know about it. Until I looked at my phone, I was wondering why a significant number of people got up and started walking away from the gate. I know texts can be irritating when an airline sends a text every time the ETA of a flight changed by 1 minute (thank DL), but if it doesn't run cost much with your cell plan, I recommend signing up for what UA offers. It is usually more helpful than annoying.

    At another airport I can think of, for years the boards automatically changed based on when a flight was supposed to land or depart. Agents could override, but that required effort. Haven't been there recently, so I won't ID in case the situation has improved.

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