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    My company has great health insurance, but it doesn't include dental insurance.

    For savings plans, I looked at this Dental Savings Plan:
    $134 for the year.
    6 month checkup with discount (avg): $24
    In depth check up: $38
    Full mouth x ray (going to new dentist, so I assume I'll need this): $78
    Four bitewing xray (not sure what this is): $30
    Adult teeth cleaning: $46
    Filling: $85.

    Lets assume I get the 6 month checkup (in depth), full mouth xray, and a teeth cleaning. That's $296.. I live in Washington, DC and will likely go to dentist in the K Street area. So... I'm already thinking their average prices are on the low end. So, it may be more like $325-$350.

    The true "insurance" plan I looked at the My Cigna Dental 1000:

    Which costs $27 a month, which comes out to $324 a year. The deductible is $50, which is waived for "preventative services." There is a $0 fee for preventative services, like x rays, cleanings, fluoride, etc. You pay 20% for fillings, and 50% for more serious things.

    To me... these are essentially the same and therefore I should go with the insurance.

    I was curious what you all thought. At age 24, this is only the second time I've had dental insurance on my own (and the last time I was given 3 options and a subsidy from my employer).

    Other option is to go without insurance, but that sounds slightly crazy to me. I have enough money to be a bit careful...
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    I'm very fortunate to have health & dental insurance as part of the benefits offered at my job. I also have a second job that offers health & dental insurance to those working 40 hours or more, the problem is this business only offers part-time employment to those working in the department I'm working in. Many of my co-workers are very frustrated as a result.

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