Denied on Recon - Call again?

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    Im very new to all of this (22 years old), and perhaps I overextended myself. Last month I got the US Air card and was so excited, I figured I would just keep applying for cards because apparently my credit was that good.

    I mistakingly applied and was approved for Amex Plat, but never activated (Cancelled) because it does not really fit into my lifestyle at the moment enough to be worth the annual fee.

    Applied and was approved for Amex PMG, then SPG, then Sapphire Preferred. Stoked!

    Have been spending and paying, very happy with where im at.

    The issue though is that I do have a side business of sorts and I was a bit taken back to find that you cannot use a personal card for business expenses. Although those expenses are small I am still using a personal card for all of them.

    for that reason + the fact that the ink bold gives 50k on 5k spend in 3 months, I applied and was given a pending decision.

    I just got off teh phone with the recon line wherein I was unceremoniously denied for what the agent cited as "not enough history", my oldest CC with Chase is the Amazon card that I got about 4 months ago.

    Long story - quick question.

    Does it behoove me to call the recon line again and try to plead my case to another rep, or is this one in the bag as a decline and I should just work with what I have and apply again in 6 months or so when im a bit more established?
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    As with most things calling and talking to another rep can yield different results, sometimes not.
    Worst case, you get the same answer and follow-up at a later time.
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    I have a very thick credit file and am in my mid 50's with 750+ FICO's. (it was over 800 6 months ago before I did alot of credit activity--refi 3 rental houses, selling one rental house removing 2 older mortgages from my reports, 10 CC's within the last 6 months,etc). That dropped my scores in the short term but they will recover!!

    I was asked alot of questions on the Biz cards. (Ink Bold and SW Biz). I got approved for both. I been at the same employer for 20 yrs and had my biz for 15 yrs.

    I am amazed that you got so many approvals!! I would try the recon line again but I would not expect an approval. Can't hurt to call again. Biz can be alot more strict.

    Bottom line: You got a very good start with CC approvals! I would let your credit file "age" for at least 6 more months before applying for more cards.
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    At the very least you can ask them to move some of your credit line from amazon to ink.
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    You probably have too many inquiries and new accounts within a short period and will probably be declined for a while.

    I have used personal cards for business expenses for years and there is no rule or law that says you can't. For IRS purposes you need to segregate your business expenses in case of an audit, but there is certainly no rule precluding the use of your personal cards.

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