Demand for Untouched Bills in Burma

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    It has long been the advice passed on to visitors to Burma: Bring crisp US dollars, nothing else is accepted here.

    But the continuing insistence of money changers that cash is untainted threatens to stain the country’s reputation in spite of economic reforms.

    Many ticketing agencies, airlines, small currency exchange shops and private banks’ exchange counters will turn away old or damaged, or even slightly crumpled, dollars. Imperfect currency might be accepted, but often at much lower exchange rates—despite strictly bearing the same value.

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    Same here in India, their insistence of new 100 bills at smaller currency exchanges pissed me off.
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    The same applies in many countries to some extent. I can't recall the last time a European ATM give me anything other than crisp freshly printed currency. This practice was widespread in the US too 15-20 yrs ago. It's just good manners and public policy to promptly remove worn paper money from circulation. In my book, it's the countries with no respect for the appearance of its legal tender, that should be concerned about "stained reputation".
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    I was in Myanmar five years ago. At the time, even the briefest travel guide or web info for travelers explained the need for perfect bills. So, I made a trip to my bank and got what I needed. It was not that big of a deal. Most realize that when travelling to small out of they way countries, everything will not be like in the US or Europe. You will not have much fun travelling if you let some of these things bother you too much. And business travelers just need to do their home work to make the trip go well and be profitable.
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    In some of the African nations I've visited, bills stay in circulation until they're barely legible or in one piece. You're almost afraid to handle them for fear they'll fall apart completely, or for fear of what you'll catch.

    If a nation is going to allow such bills to remain in circulation, you'd think they'd use more durable "paper" (like the washable and virtually indestructible Romanian currency).
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