Delta Redefines Cabin, Upgrades Premium Economy Options

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    DL announced its rebrand of BusinessElite (Delta One) and Economy Comfort (Delta Comfort+).

    GM will lose access to domestic EC seats; GM and FO will have access to free EC seats a few days out for domestic or international flights. Looks like the GM/FO EC discount is also going away. Delta Redefines Cabin, Upgrades Premium Economy Options. Delta One, First Class and Delta Comfort+ offer premium experiences; Main Cabin and Basic Economy offer options for all customers. LINK
    • Delta One, formerly BusinessElite, is offered on long-haul international routes; also between New York-JFK and Los Angeles or San Francisco*
    • First Class is offered on short-haul international and domestic routes**
    • Delta Comfort+ offers an upgraded experience on all two cabin aircraft around the world
    • Main Cabin experience is provided everywhere Delta flies offering a high standard of customer service
    • Basic Economy offers Main Cabin service with fewer flexibility options available in select markets.
    Fly Your Way video:
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    More "enhancements". It should add to confusion on the part of passengers, which is to the benefit of the company.
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    I don't see a video here.
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    The erosion of benefits continues. So, you are happy with the new system because you rake in loads of RDMs by doing short trips on expensive tickets, only to wind up as a GM or PO and reduced benefits because you did not earn enough MQMs to make DM. That may be the tradeoff for many...
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