Delta mocks Obama administratinon calls. for price fixing AFTER posting $1.5 b QUARTERLY profit

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    Holy PRASM. Holy supine media. After being gifted the skies through mergers that were probably as corrupt as they were unnecessary,here is Delta in the midst of the choiceless holy hell of air travel they and their confededores manufactured trying to serve their Wall Street Masters signaling out loud a new effort by the aerogangsteros to price fix right in broad daylight Memo to DOJ. headlines screaming DELTA ,WILL CUT TO GET HIGHER BIZ FARES is a pretty transparent and notorious call for further collusion. The worst kept secret in America is the suckfest these people turned aerial mass transit into. I guess their plans to have employees rip off employers and clients in pursuit of absurdly inflated but mileage rich fares is falling flat. When is a regulator or prosecutor going to step on this industry, one of the biggest blights in our nation?n it seems the obscene pigfest of $1.5 billion QUARTERLY profits derived through sweat, damaged knees and hundreds of millions of hours lost through waits, delays, hour boarding times and inconveniences like forcing a family of four to sit scattered on the plane is not enough. They want even more. Utter utter utter failure of our government and a despicable gift wrapped up in a bow to the wolves of Wall Street.
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    Let's see what happens now with a pending avalanche of EU261 claims for every pax departing to/from Europe on DL thanks to their abysmal system failure.... I foresee a massive spike in consumer pressure and irritation on these matters related to regulating the air transport cabal :) Yay!

    I do feel sorry for those impacted by the delays, but I am gleeful that DL management will for the first time since the merger be forced to do more than brush complaints aside in the coming days.

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