Delta focus group targeted invite?

Discussion in 'Delta Air Lines | SkyMiles' started by seaflyer, Mar 2, 2012.

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    I just received a targeted phone call (I'm assuming they got my number from my Delta skymiles account info?) asking if I would be interested in participating in an 1.5 hour long focus group in Seattle later this month that would pay $200 in Delta cert.

    Based upon the list of qualifying questions that they asked me, it seems like you need to a) have a delta ff account b) have booked an award ticket in the past 12 months. It sounds like it would be pretty easy money and possibly could help fix the hopeless booking fiasco that Delta has got going on. Or, at the very least, I will feel satisfied having told someone my frustrating stories in trying to book low level award tickets for the incredible steal of 325,000 skymiles! I'm not sure if you can call Delta and ask if you can participate in the focus group if you live in the Seattle area or if they have other ones going on in other places.

    Has anyone else done these focus groups? Am I naive in thinking it might actually change things at Delta??
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    I have not been invited to join a focus group, but it sure does seem like they have been seeking a lot of feedback lately. I have gotten surveys after each recent flight, a non solicited survey via e-mail, and I also note the recent thread on MP discussing Delta asking for feedback on passengers' experience with TSA. Hopefully, they'll put the input to good use.
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    Yes, you are. :(

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