Delta Flight Numbering Scheme

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    My flights to/from JFK > MXP (Milan) were changed yesterday from DL 160/161 to DL 418/419.

    This led me to wonder what scheme Delta is currently using to assign flight numbers. All I could find when searching for this info were posts on FlyerTalk that were several years old and out-of-date. Does anyone have the scoop on this? Thanks in advance.

    p.s. I'm still rather new here and didn't know if I should post this in the Delta section of Miles/Points... or here because it doesn't really pertain to earning miles or points. :-S
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    While there are pools of flight numbers used for specific things in some cases (operating carrier is the most common way that happens) there often is no rhyme nor reason for it, mostly because it doesn't matter.
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    While indeed it has little (to no?) impact on travel, many carriers have grouped things by number.

    For some time, DL used 10-[200] for international flights, though more recently started using DL1 and other <10 numbers for their JFK-LHR flights. Today, Delta still publishes some degree of grouping, for codeshares, shown below.

    AF and BA also used 1, 2, 3 and 4 for Concorde flights.

    Today, many carriers reserve "Flight 1" for a flagship route of sorts. UA/CO/AA have retired the numbers of the 9/11 flights, though COdbaUA inadvertently re-used one of them briefly in a schedule. Asiana retired the number of the flight into SFO.

    My view of perhaps the worst flight number was US5050. This flight had an incident on takeoff.

    Probably more than you wanted to know. ;)

    Delta Codeshare Groupings
    Delta - flights 3283-4434 endeavor air - 9e
    Connection flights 4439-4858 SkyWest airlines - oo
    flights 4869-5632 expressjet airlines - eV
    flights 5680-5859 Compass airlines - CP
    flights 5868-6012 Shuttle america - S5
    flights 6030-6172 Chautauqua airlines - rP
    flights 6184-6298 goJet airlines - g7
    flights 7300-7331 Shuttle america - S5
    flights 7362-7431 SkyWest airlines - oo
    Codeshare - flights 4364-4438 Virgin atlantic - VS
    flights 6467-6586 China eastern airlines - mU
    flights 6587-6711 alitalia - aZ
    flights 6712-6736 aeroflot - SU
    flights 6737-6771 air europa lineas aereas - UX
    flights 6792-6799 Virgin australia international - Va
    flights 6800-6869 Hawaiian airlines - Ha
    flights 6870-6999 gol - g3
    flights 7000-7003 China eastern airlines - mU
    flights 7070-7224 Westjet - WS
    flights 7225-7299 Virgin australia international - Va
    flights 7448-7469 olympic air - oa
    flights 7470-7724 alaska airlines - aS
    flights 7725-7754 China airlines- Ci
    flights 7755-7839 China Southern - CZ
    flights 7850-7939 korean air - ke
    flights 7940-8159 aeromexico - am
    flights 8175-8219 aeroflot - SU
    flights 8320-8729 air france - af
    flights 8730-8769 Czech airlines - ok
    flights 8970-9274 alaska airlines - aS
    flights 9275-9699 klm - kl
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    Yup...which is the "operating carrier" reference I made above. Worth noting that the assigned numbers can shift as flights are added or removed from the pool.

    And today BA uses 1 for the LCY-(SNN)-JFK service.

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