Delta Broke Passenger-Bumping Rules. The Penalty? Buy Some Tablets

Discussion in 'Delta Air Lines | SkyMiles' started by bigx0, Jun 26, 2013.

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    "June 26 (Bloomberg BusinessWeek) -- Federal regulators slapped Delta Air Lines with a $750,000 fine Wednesday for not compensating passengers bumped from flights, the company’s second such violation in four years. The U.S. Department of Transportation said Delta had not sought volunteers willing to relinquish their seat on oversold flights, a common industry practice aimed at mitigating the large number of people who miss flights they have booked.

    The interesting part is the remedy Delta negotiated with federal regulators....'
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    Interesting precedent. Are individuals entitled to the same largesse? Next time I need to pay a traffic fine, I'll ask the judge to buy me new tires instead. :D
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    The GAs will need tablets, rather than using existing tools, to do what they need to do? :D
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    So we give more technology, to a company that clearly struggles with technology, to improve something as easy as an announcement of "We are overbooked". If I was to bet, the "problem" probably comes in their automated system that busts people off of flights because their flight was delayed.

    I recently encountered a "delay" of two minutes, and upon arriving to the gate in time to board for the proper zone (F), I was told that I wasn't on that flight and I had been rebooked. Needless to say, I was on that flight and was seated in the appropriate cabin, although it made someone take the walk of shame and created a whole lot of clickity clackity on the keyboard to "fix" it.

    Meanwhile, in other news: How management 'pack' revived Delta Air Lines (have to wonder how much good booze $750k would buy for the clubs?)
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    Yeah the "punishment" makes no sense to me. If the fine doesn't hurt, they're not going to care... it will just complicate things even more by having to build a setup around these tablets so that gate agents can do what every other airline seems to be perfectly capable of doing.

    Of course it depends on how this was argued. Maybe Delta said they didn't have the equipment to be able to do it or some crazy nonsense story, and the agreement to improve the system resulted in what you see today as a "fine" -- even though it's laughable.

    Delta has felt particularly slimy to me since they started using the "bidding" system for VDBs. It just reeks of a way to circumvent the rules and bump people for the lowest cost possible.
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