Delta B767-400 and other improvements

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    I have been a constant critic of Delta, and left them for a year as a result of various problems, losing DM in the process. A few months ago some things transpired to make me try again.

    So, after having had no successful SWU's in 2010/2011, and having six expire as a result I now am 4 for 4 LH upgrades, all GIG-ATL. No more complaints from me on that score. My most recent one just cleared for a flight upcoming in four days.

    Next, the new business class seats are outstanding, as are the pillows and duvets. The AA service and accoutrements I prefer, but AA has no lie flat seats in business out of GIG.

    Third, on time performance, at least IME, is improving rapidly, and they're actually calling me to inform me of changes in addition to messages. Big improvements IMO. The call centers have improved so much that they are approaching the AA EXP level. That is astounding!

    Fourth, the onboard breakfasts are still lousy, but they've offered dinner entrees for breakfast twice, which improves the situation.

    Last, because I always check bags, usually three of them, baggage is a big deal for me. My bags have been arriving at GIG as I arrive from immigration, usually less than ten minutes after landing. (Passport control for Brazilians is lightening fast) and ATL baggage arrivals are rarely more than a three or four minutes wait (I have GE so I arrive quite quickly). I do not know what has happened with baggage service but it is very, very welcome and helps with those 48 minute ATL connections! To be fair, I have had similar outstanding baggage service at GIG during the last six months or so with AF, KL, EK, AA and LH. I worry about actually reporting this good experience for fear of jinxing my good luck streak.

    So, all of these factors have brought me back to DM this year, which I'll make again in early December.

    Have other people been seeing similar improvements?

    My only downside has been sharply higher fares. I'm paying for Y now what I was paying for C two years ago, with not too much variation between carriers to the US. That is not unique to DL, however.
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