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    Good morning everyone,

    I'm currently a Delta Platinum and my husband is Delta Gold. As of March 1, I will be a Delta Gold and he will lose his status. We currently have award tickets booked to Africa for the end of the year with KLM and were able to book economy comfort seats for free with a Delta agent. However, after a few days, my husband's seats disappeared and mine were still there. A Delta agent helped me get his seats back yesterday, but I'm wondering if they will disappear once again. I don't know if it would have helped just to buy them for 50% off while he's still Gold, or to just wait and see, and if needed, pay the full price. If we were to have already bought them with a 50% discount for being Gold, would we be charged the difference later on when he loses his status? Any help or advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    From my understanding it is kind of a gray area...if the awards are both booked on your account though and they remove them and you aren't able to convince them to give you them back for free (document that they are assigned), then you should both be able to get them for 50% due to your gold status, again assuming both are booked on the same ticket with your account.
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