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    Hi i am flying from LHR to Atlanta, on the 13th October 2013. I am thinking of paying extra for the EC seats, can you tell me what seats in the EC section have no windows dont want to be sitting on the aircraft with no window. seats 17 to 21 in the EC section flight DL85
    Also i noticed seats 19 AB and 20 AB have limited recline, can i sit there with my 6 year old daughter
    or are they exit seats.
    Can any one tell me the best seats in the EC section, have never flown delta.
    Also do they have the personall video screens

    Thank you sharon
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    Welcome to MP! :)

    Economy comfort has more space, and 17 or 21 A or G would be ideal from looking at the chart. The tray table is in the armrest in case that bothers you.

    19 is a standard seat; 20 is an exit row seat - more legroom but limited recline. All of these seats are listed with a personal tv, but check the plane type to be sure (there are a few listed, and some others have 20 and 21 as exit row seats).
    Seating chart
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    The additional space in EC is pitch only combined with more recline. The seats aren't wider or bigger and the service is the same except for free alcohol.

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