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    Hi -

    We took a trip from NYC to St Thomas, UVI. On the return, American Airlines had a terrible check-in process in place at the St Thomas airport so it came as no surprise that they ended up sending one of our bags to Toronto instead of to JFK since they tagged it with someone else's luggage tag. It has been two days now and the bag has not arrived though they have located it in Toronto and seems it was driven over to Buffalo then flown to Chicago and is now on its way home to NYC.

    Is there anything we can "reasonably" ask American Airlines for as it relates to compensation, be it vouchers, miles, status upgrade, money... For what it may be worth, I am Platinum status. Thank you.
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    What would it take to make you whole?
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    Forget status upgrade that isn't going to happen and your personal status is not really relevant here.
    If you had to purchase clothes, toiletries etc, etc keep your bills and you should get reimbursed (although you might have a problem making the case if you have returned home)
    AA may give you a few thousand miles or a small cash voucher but I would not expect much else.

    Just be glad you bag has been found, since lost bag compensation (even with travel insurance) would never fully cover me if my bags were permanently lost.

    It might be worth checking the coverage provided by the credit card you used to buy the tickets some provide lost luggage coverage.
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    Some policies makes it harder to get claims if delay is at home airport or the terms are different at destination airport vs home airport.
    Check your travel insurance if you have one.
    Regardless, write in and lay out the case.
    A mistake certainly occurred and service recovery should kick in.

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