Death and Taxes

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Flying Bat, May 14, 2012.

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    Is it true to say that departure taxes in the UK are highest in the world?

    Does anyone do what I do for long haul, kick out via CDG or AMS in order to reduce the tax burden on front cabin travel? Or am I just unusual?
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    I saved on my PHL-LHR J trip by flying to AMS for the weekend and making LHR my stopover. I usually look at other cities first when I go to London as it saves company money and I get to see new cities along the way
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    No, you're not unusual.

    That is a horrible tax! On top of a horrible airport, it is why I avoid transiting through LHR if I can. They'll charge the tax even if the First or Business seat is obtained through an upgrade based on miles or status (i.e., no money).

    BUT - some agents don't realize that the tax applies only for departures; you can fly into LHR (if you must) on an upgrade and not be charged the tax. If your routing will allow it, try to have the ticket show LHR as a stopover on the way to another "final destination city" (hypothetically "FDC"), and have the LHR-FDC leg in economy (which I presume is the way philatravelgirl did it). That is, your itinerary would be Starting point to LHR (stopover) in F/B, then to FDC (destination) in economy, then return directly in F/B from FDC to starting point.

    Alternatively, even if you'll be staying in the UK for an extended period, it may be worthwhile to do an "open jaw" landing in LHR then going by surface (after your business is completed) to the Continent, and flying back from AMS or BRU or CDG.
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