Dealing with jetlag - N.Am. W coast to Asia/Australia

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    We're taking our first vacation to Australia next year and, while I'm researching flight possibilities, I'm starting to think of the issue of jetlag.

    We did well going to Europe in '07. Flew out of Calgary on a redeye, arrived shortly after noon at Heathrow, stayed up until 8 pm (when we finally couldn't take it anymore) and went to bed. Aside from an odd wide-awake-at-2:30 stage that lasted over an hour, we were up by 9:30 am the next morning and basically fine on BST.

    How will we do it with Australia? We're unsure about the route, but it will be ex-YVR, SFO or LAX and be to SYD. United's fares are better than Air Canada's by a large margin, but it's a 6 am arrival at SYD. Air Canada arrives more like 11 am.

    We'll be flying at the back of the bus, alas, and typically we sleep little on the aircraft, despite our efforts. (Maybe we just need more practice.)

    What's the strategy for these sorts of times and time changes?
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    Do not sleep until Bedtime

    Don’t go to bed until it’s nighttime there.
    At the very least, last until nine in the evening before you go to bed.

    Good habits on the Plane

    Drink lots of water on a plane, not much alcohol, get up and move regularly.

    Here is a good readers digest article:
    15 Smart Ways to Beat Jet Lag
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    Your flight out of SFo or LAx will be departing at 8 or 10pm, so my suggestion is to have you meal onboard then sleep. About 3 hrs out theyll serve you breakfast, ready for a full day. So your plan should be to try and sleep as much as possible in the middle 8 hrs or so of that flight. That's what's worked for me on 10 or so trips, but then again, I'm coming home on the trip back to SYD, so that may help me :)

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