Dealing With Emergencies

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  1. While on vacation, we would hope that everything is smooth sailing for you and that the only thing of an emergent nature is feeding your sense of adventure. However, there are those rare cases when you do have to deal with things like a lost wallet or passport, injuries and illnesses. When we’re far from the comforts of our own home, it can be quite daunting where to even start to deal with these things, so here are a few tips to help point you in the right direction.
    The City of Vancouver has a whole page dedicated to visitors and they have some useful links. If you need to get in touch with your Consulate, this page has a complete list of all Consulate offices in Vancouver.
    The Canadian Tourism Commission is also another valuable website with plenty of resources in a number of different languages that will give you travel tips and pointers to keep you safe during your travels in our beautiful country.
    You will likely see some of Vancouver’s Police Department policing cars scattered around town and they are helpful during times of emergency. You can always call the VPD to make inquiries, but for actual emergencies, please call 9-1-1.
    If you’ve had something of yours stolen, broken into, a credit card used fraudulently or have lost something, here are the guidlines direct from the Vancouver Police Department’s (VPD) website. They can help point you in the right direction of what you will need to do next.
    Please use this system if one of the following has happened to you and you do not know who did it:
    • You have lost something that costs less than $5000.
    • Someone has stolen something from you that costs less than $5000.
    • Someone has vandalized your property or car.
    • Someone has broken into your car.
    • Someone has used your credit card, bank card, or cheques without your permission and you have lost less than $5000.
    All other crimes will require a police officer, please call 604-717-3321 immediately if that is the case.​
    They will need a number of details, so please make sure to keep track of things like time, date, location and any other additional information you may think would help.
    If you find yourself to be a little bit lost and are in need of some directions, don’t be afraid to stop someone to ask, or pop into one of the many coffee shops around the city and ask one of the staff members inside. People are generally happy to help point you in the right direction.
    There are 29 Visitors Centres in BC and the complete list can be found here. There you can find maps of the area, guides and a helpful person that will try their best to give you the information you need.
    Here’s hoping that your trip to BC is nothing but a day at the beach.
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