Date in 2012 for MP Explorer cardholder award ticket upgrades?

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    I was just targeted for the 60,000 MP Explorer card (woot! ... I guess).

    Does anyone know when cardholders will be able to receive complimentary upgrades on award tickets? The current company line is "early 2012," and we have a coach award on a very (currently) empty flight on February 1st.*

    The relevant text is
    Thanks in advance for any help.

    * Please don't take this flight and jump ahead of us in priority and ruin it for us lowly Silvers. Upgrades are like unexpected Christmas presents at all times of the year.
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    Hi harvson3,
    I'm not an expert at all about these card benefits, but if it's anything like the merger of other benefits UA/CO is talking about, it seems a lot of them are towards the end of Q1.
    Also, I have a feeling these UG's might be at the bottom of the pecking order (as far as other elites and buy ups) and will be curious how many of these "free upgrades" really happen. I hope you post and let us know.
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    I agree that it is unlikely to take effect until early March when the new program is fully deployed.

    As for how often it happens, there have been many folks who reported it working. Not all the time, obviously, but a decent amount.
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