Crew procedure for traveling with infant

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    I just got back from our first trip with our baby and it was a huge relief and success! Baby did great on all 3 segments that we took with only a few minutes of mild fussing and crying. I don't think the other passengers were bothered... someone even came up to me in baggage claim and told me how great she did :)

    I noticed that the crew behaved differently on all 3 flights and was curious to know if there are any standard procedures.

    Flight 1 - ERJ 190 sitting in Business on Air Canada
    -one of the flight attendants came by and asked me if I had ever flown with an infant before (this was our first trip ever!) and she instructed me on how I should hold the baby facing me and should not put my lap belt over the baby
    -she mentioned that the toilet in the back had a change table and that hot water was available for bottles if needed
    -she also said that she would bring the infant life vest if required

    Flight 2 - CRJ-700 sitting in Economy on United Express
    -one of the flight attendants dropped by with the infant life vest and told me that she would pick it up at the conclusion of the flight
    -she also mentioned that hot and cold water was available for bottles and a change table was available at the rear toilet
    -both the flight attendants were super friendly and stopped to say hi to the baby

    Flight 3 - 757-200 sitting in Economy on United
    -one of the flight attendants told me "there's no microwave for bottles" as she was walking the aisles and also told me that I would have to take the baby out of the sling for takeoff and landing
    -I realized part way through the flight nobody mentioned anything about the infant life vest
    -I had to ask about a changing table, and there was none on this particular aircraft

    Is the crew supposed to notify you on whether or not there is an infant life vest/where it is? The 3rd crew was pretty terrible. They tried to kick 3 passengers out of the exit row "because they didn't inspire confidence" when they were doing the pre departure talk with them. They also came down the aisles so quickly with food/water that they seemed to skip a lot of people. I also noticed the different language used about the bottles. Rather than telling me what was available, they told me that microwaves were not available.

    Is there any standard procedure? What are the experiences of other traveling parents?
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    If the crew doesn't think you'll be able to assist in an emergency evacuation (if necessary), they're supposed to move you out of an exit row.
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    I've flown many times with both of my kids as infants (they're 3 and 1 now) and I have NEVER had flight crew mention infant life vests. Hmmmm...
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    Me neither (other than the standard mumbo jumbo that is on the safety video). Glad your flights went well!
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