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    I know that I have seen either here or on TOBB a comparison of the various point earning credit cards. But I am currently at work with only my phone to search with. Was it on one of the blogs or anyone have a link. I have a few friends that are jealous that I have not paid for a flight for four years and I want to direct them to a listing so they can enjoy the "game" of points accumulation.
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    The flights are never free we all pay a price.

    If your friends were really interested, they would do it instead of just talking to you about it...

    They are just humoring you. Reminds me of the guy that's going to lose weight for new year on New Year's resolution
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    Here's a start from FT, hope it helps. I remember that "Blond Bomber" on FT had a very good comparison chart of many different CC's, but don't remember if it was only for the Canadian ones at the time. So you may want to search for his charts too.

    Link from the FT Wiki:
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