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    I'm about to buy a tablet. What credit card would anyone suggest I use to buy it? Which one gives you the extended warranty in case you don't buy it with the store? Ink at an office supply store or a non business card? I heard business cards don't have the same coverage as personal cards when it comes to extended warranties on electronics and such things. If anyone can help guide me I'd appreciate it!
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    I would first figure out if you need to meet a spend on any card then review the terms of THAT card. If it doesn't meet your needs then go to a card you really want to build points with....rinse and repeat. Of course portal shopping will maximize your points. You do not list all of your cards so at this point it would be people throwing random info your way.
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    Most folks would probably recommend an AMEX plat if you are just looking to maximize the theoretical extended warranty as they have been known to be very easy to deal with. I think CSP would also be a good bet. Ink, even though it is a business card has extended warranty coverage though.

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