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    Hi Guys,

    Even though I'm basically new to Milepoint, I have followed the community for some time and I have been able to travel for less money using some of the tricks I learn in here, so thanks for that.

    But I was leaving in Argentina for a few years, and most offers don't apply for us, nor we have many credit card deals.

    Now that I have move on to UK permanently, I would really like to become an active hunter of miles.

    Right now, I'm trying to work hard to get my first credit card in order to build my credit score, but the idea - in the short term - is to do a sort of credit card churning.

    So the idea of the post is to hear ideas about your churning experience "only" in UK, does it really work as in the US? to get information on how credit score works in here, which companies provide them, and any other tips that could help me and the community to basically earn more miles and travel almost for free.

    Appreciate all your comments in advance

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