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    Hello. Sorry if I posted in the wrong thread, but I think my question applies more towards this program.

    I was just approved for the first card I am going to churn, the US Airways Premier World Mastercard. Question on 2 of the benefits please. When I travel for work, I have to use my American Express Corporate card for all charges. The US Airways Premier World Mastercard comes with 2 unique benefits that I am not sure I can take advantage of:

    First class check-in and Zone 2 boarding on all US Airways flights
    One complimentary US Airways Club® day pass every year

    To take advantage of these features, do I need to actually book my ticket with this card? I couldnt find any fine print on the US Airways Club day pass, but I found this blurb regarding First Class check-in and Zone 2 Boarding:

    "Primary Cardmembers are invited to check in at the US Airways Preferred or First Class counter when checking in for their flight. The Primary Cardmember only is invited to board the aircraft early as part of Zone 2 provided their Dividend Miles number is part of their reservation. First Class check-in and Priority Zone 2 Boarding are only available on US Airways marketed and operated flights."

    Additionally, if I am flying on an American flight, can I use that boarding pass and my day pass to gain entry into the US Airways Club? Or do I actually have to be flying US Air?

    Anyone have any experience on this? Thank you.
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    1. The blurb you cited does not require you to use any specific form of payment. The boarding benefit is linked to your DM number, so just make sure to include it on your reservations.
    2. If you gain admission to a US Club with a day pass, you shouldn't need to show them anything else (except possibly for a photo ID).
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    To further MX's comments - boarding passes will automatically print with zone 2 as long as you have the "DMS" icon showing next to your name when logged into the US Airways site. It's that "Dividend Miles Select" icon that also gives you the 5,000 discount on US metal and other card benefits. Check your account to see if it's already there - it may take time to update. The only time actual payment with the card would be required would be the 5k discount or using the companion cert. As far as zone 2 and first class check-in, I'm not sure what would happen if a combination of US/AA or only AA metal is booked thru US website. Perhaps someone else can chime in.

    The free lounge pass is automatically tagged to your DM # so, as MX mentioned above, you simply show up at the lounge and they will see it. You can be flying on any airline.
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