CrankyFlier Interviews US CEO Parker, Discusses OW Alliance, Asia Network, Inflight Product

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    Slightly interesting comments by Parker in this interview. Seems to emphasize inflight wifi, waffles a bit on MCE, seems tepid on aggresive Asia expansion.

    If you're interested, here's the LINK to the full post.

    Doug: No, it isn’t everything. Some things matter a lot more. Certainly for international, lie flat seats [in business class]. If you don’t have it, you’re gonna lose customers. It’s incredibly important. We have it now. Domestically, you know, we have a lot of anecdotal evidence, including ourselves, of people switching airlines because of whether or not there’s wifi on the airplane. That’s one of the things that will drive share if you’re not there. We’re all gonna be there for that reason, but that’s what happens with these things. We all have to do it or we’ll lose share. Those things are incredibly important.

    Other things are important but hard to actually identify if you’re losing share or not from things like an extra inch of legroom or the olive or slightly better meals… but if you’re not competitive, you don’t have something that’s close enough or in the same ballpark, maybe I don’t have quite as much room but the seat is more comfortable. If it really feels different, you’re going to lose customers. So we can’t get in that position. And we think we’re going to be a position where we’ll have a product that’s as good or better than what the other guys have out there, the other guys being Delta and United.

    Cranky: Do you consider premium economy, similar to Main Cabin Extra on American, is that something you have a view on right now?

    Doug: Yeah, but I don’t think we’ve announced it yet but it’s one of the things we’re going to look at. Certainly the other guys have it, and there’s no doubt that customers will tell you for certain it’s one of those things that really matters. The offset to that is whether there’s enough [benefit to justify] the fewer seats, of course. Those are decisions we’re going to have to make, but it’s definitely a product attribute that matters to people.

    This is Part 2. Part 1 focuses on labor issues/employee communication. That portion can be found here: LINK.
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    Sounds like meals on sub 3.5 hour flights may stick from AA if what he says about having a product that is close to competitors.
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    Emphasis on slightly. Nice that Doug took the time to talk to Cranky, but it was to be expected that there wouldn't really been any significant revelations. Not a criticism of Cranky by any means.
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