Courtyard Lebanon, NJ experience & First time Platinum!

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  1. I've been working in western New Jersey for a couple months now, and I can't help but share my experience at the Courtyard in Lebanon, NJ. It's a 'new lobby' style location located in a quiet community. The facility is always very clean, and the rooms are comfortable. What truly makes this hotel special though is the staff. I have never in my life experienced better customer service than I have received here. Everybody is incredibly nice, polite, and extremely helpful, and made a point to say hi, and get to know me. Within days I felt as if I had been a regular of the hotel for years. It truly does feel like a home away from home. This leaves me with mixed emotions today as I check out, as I will miss this place, but its also a special day for me as this morning I've made Platinum status for the first time, and while it must seem very silly, I'm glad that I did so here :)
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    Congratulations on Platinum!
  3. Thanks Carver!
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    Platinum is wonderful! My Congrats and enjoy!:)

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