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Discussion in 'Beta Feedback [Archive]' started by sofasurfer, Feb 14, 2011.

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    One of the things that frustrated me about FT (and other forums) was its US-centric defaulting of promotions across various airlines/credit cards/hotel groups/etc. I just posted similar in reply to a thread on the Amex MR board, but thought it worth asking here as I'd love to see something like this adopted in MilePoint from the outset:

    Would it be possible for posts re. offers/promotions to be prefixed with country /region codes (as we're all travel-related acronym fans around here, and standards exist!)

    e.g. CAN, US, FR for countries; NAM. EUR, APAC if it's region-specific?; and maybe "WORLDWIDE" if it appears to be truly international...
    (apologies, I'm not au fait with all the international standard acronyms myself, but I'm sure we could link to a glossary without too much trouble so that we could learn - and then work to - conventions that are used, quite literally, "across the board")

    It would be awesome of we could make this happen in MP... it would add so much value to what is, by definition, a worldwide community!
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    I raised the whole issue of FT's US-centric orientation, and how MP can be more inclusive of non-US members at yesterday's SFO bootcamp.

    I've already posted on MP the request for members home airport(s) to be listed under the avatar.
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