Could Use Some Advice Before Booking an Award Flight

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    The only award flights I've ever booked were last minute trips back home for family emergencies, that would have otherwise cost a ridiculous amount, now here I am trying to book flights for me and the other half and I'm afraid I'm going about it all wrong.This will be our first trip to Europe and I really don't want to screw it up, so I'd really appreciate any help or suggestions that you may have.

    So here's what I wanna do...
    Fly RT from TUS or PHX to CDG (preferably TUS since PHX is 2.5 hr drive)
    Dates are flexible but was hoping for Feb 15-20 or 16-21
    Also want to take advantage of the off peek rates and fly coach for a total of 35k each

    And this is what I was thinking about booking...


    The only problem is...

    It's out of PHX and not TUS and
    This is only for 1 passenger and when I put 2 these dates aren't available, but there appears to still be plenty of seats available, just not together.

    I was just going to call customer service and have them help me, but I figured I'd check with the pros first ;) Thanks in advance!
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    I'd say you probably want to do a search for TUS -> some other location and see what availability you get. For example, find out all the locations that fly to CDG, and then see if you can create a routing that works. Problem is that you are dealing with the off-peak awards, which are limited to US Airways. Otherwise you could see what you could come up with using the other Star Alliance partners.

    Remember, you may have to work segment by segment to see what works out.
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    There has to be off-peak availability on each segment in order for the whole itinerary to show up as off-peak, and I don't remember how that's handled since there is no off-peak intra-US. It looks like the TUS -> PHX flight is the main culprit as there appears to be decent off-peak availability PHX -> CDG, but when looking at TUS -> PHX you end up limited to leaving on one or two days and returning on one or two days about a week later.

    You might have to suck it up and fly out of PHX in order to get the off-peak rate. If you were looking at using low rewards, then that opens you up to a much greater selection as you could then look at any Star Alliance member's flights via the ANA tool, but those would be at 60k (the same as a low award), not 35k.

    thetenken: Can't really work segment by segment as the intra-US segments don't have off-peak rates...

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