Could removal of award chart online mean that DL will adopt WN award redemption model?

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    What if the reason DL has removed their awards charts from is because Delta slowly wants to transition to a redemption model similar to how Southwest’s model operates? In other words, your Skymiles are worth x-number of Dollars towards a ticket?

    Clearly there hasn’t been any announcement of this yet, but considering that DL adopted 50% of WN’s award model structure [fares earn x-number of miles based on price, instead of distance flown] it would be logical to assume that DL could adopt WN’s redemption model.
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    Maybe DL and WN are both pursuing a really enhanced model called obfuscation. ;)
  3. Misplaced Texan
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    It could. No one really knows.

    Lots of speculation and some folks who will tell you that they have the answers to DL's nefarious plans, but really no one knows.

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    There's no "answer" to DL's plans (except the obvious two action choices: to refuse to do business with the entity or continue to agree to their banditry).

    But the mountain of evidence shows clearly what their plans are:

    A. Reduce pricing transparency
    B. Increase targeted, dynamic pricing for both award and to the maximum possible degree before DoJ/DoT intervention, revenue tickets.

    I have a giant revenue DL flight upcoming, obviously on a misfiled fare, but in light of the SM situation, I won't use SM#. Much better to use my plebian AS FFP number which means I'll receive ~10 times more miles, and the AS MP are twice as useful per mile at least as SM, and let's not forget I'll get EC upsell offers for LESS $ than I would if logged in with my DL SM Medallion credentials......

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