Copa ConnectMiles Starts July 1 - Get 1,000 Bonus Miles Now

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    Copa has finally announced many details of their new ConnectMiles program. They announced last year that they would be departing UA's MileagePlus and launching their new own FF program, and now we have some information.

    Sign up now to stay informed about the progress and further announcements, and you will get 1,000 miles credited to your account when it launches.

    One thing I don't like, but it isn't a huge surprise, is that you will have to phone in at first for redemptions. They will add an online self-service feature "later," but as much as I like flying Copa, IT is one of their shortcomings. I'm not exactly holding my breath for a good online account management page.

    Still, for those of us who frequent this otherwise impressive airline, this is good news. More information is available here:
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    Yeah, calling in to redeem is stone-age. However, CM is not AZ. I find CM operates efficiently outside of its poor booking platform so let's hope they bring their normal operational efficiency to bear before too long. Time to write Senor Pedro again. I'll even use the pen he gifted me :)
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    Alitalia IT, the gift that keeps on giving the way, Copa and Avianca deserve their own Milepoint sections
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    They sent me an email saying I will get 1.000 extra miles 4-6 weeks after program launches. I finished my profile on copa and I also got an extra 2.000 miles. So they are actually giving 4.000 miles for free, pretty good deal.
    But not all flowers here, I´m a gold member on United Mileage Plus and they did´t match my status automatically, and it has been a hassle trying to find an email to contact them.
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    I also got the 2,000 for the profile but I think there is a deal where they are doubling the sign up through the end of June. You get 1,000 right away and then another 1,000 soon if you sign up in June.

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