Conversation bug when replying

Discussion in 'Beta Feedback [Archive]' started by Where2next?, Feb 19, 2011.

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    First off- like the site and community...

    Not sure if we're logging bugs here, but FYI, I just encountered one in "Conversation"...
    - Had logged in and was replying to a conversation... a pop-up box said something to the effect that function could only be done when logged in (even though i just had), and displayed the logon screen.
    - When i logged in again, it took me back to the original conversation, but had wiped-out my reply. Thought this was some type of fluke so tried to reply again but the same thing happened.
    - I closed the window and refreshed, and this time it worked. Note to self to copy my text to avoid recreating.
    - fyi, this was in FF 3.6.13
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    I'm not able to duplicate this error. Has the same thing happened to you since you first reported this or was it a one off?

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