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    I am looking for someone with alot of experience/knowledge of the Madrid Airport to help me with some concerns regarding an upcoming trip.

    Nov 11/12
    ORD-MAD (Iberia)
    Leaves ORD - 4:40pm
    Arrives MAD - 7:40am

    Nov 12
    MAD-LIS (Iberia)
    Leaves MAD - 8:50am
    Arrives LIS - 9:10am

    Is a 70min connection time doable for this trip? Both flights are on IB so the bags will be checked through to LIS.

    A few days later I also have:

    Nov 15
    LIS-MAD (Iberia)
    Leaves LIS - 4:35 pm
    Arrives MAD - 6:50pm

    MAD-RAK (Ryanair)
    Leaves MAD - 9:15pm
    Arrives RAK - 10:25pm

    2.5 hours seems like it should be enough time but we will have to re-check the bags on ryanair. Should i expect any issues?

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    Ryan Air has long lines. You should recheck as son as possible and take your free time after check-in. Don't forget to check-in on line and print your boarding passes before you go to Ryan. If not, you will be hit with fees. also make sure your hand-carry is in compliance. They check everything and the fees can add up to way more than you ticket.
    70 minutes in Madrid airport should be fine since you're a little ahead of the busy time.

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