Connecting *A from EU-USA @ T2 is a hassle

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    Having used it now a number of times since Uncle Jeff opened it, I have come to the conclusion I don't like the new T2 very much. It's built using the same style as T5, i.e. all vertical with relatively small floor areas for each function and deep connecting tunnels.

    The especially ridiculous elevator situation on the second level, outside the arrivals, is too much. One set doesn't go to the shuttle bus stops on the ground floor and the actual pace of elevator action is sooo slooooww... there's routine frustration from arriving travelers about these aspects, all the designers would have to do is stand there for an hour and just watch and listen and learn...but noooo, those people don't do things like that to improve the user experience. They got their bonuses already....

    And inside, the satellite is hardly what I call quickly accessible.

    Inbound from EU on a Star carrier connecting to UA or AC to NAm requires a windy passage up and down the deep escalators and along the giant Jules Verne moving walkway to the T2 satellite where the US-bound machines seem to operate. And the idiotic doc verification attempts at that kiosk just before the UA CS desks are pointless, they waste time, just send us immediately for verification at the desk.

    I know 1W does the same for EU-NAm connections at T3 but the actual distances to the gates are less and the experience is at least mildly quicker.

    The old T2 was dingy and low-roofed, classic Stalinist 70s British airport style, but on balance it worked better when it was vacated by BA and others and left to SkyTeam, it was fast and easy to move around.

    Yes, overall, I might say, the new terminal is somewhat DILBERTIAN.
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