Competition means some European airlines are going under.. Isn't that supposed to happen?

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    Fierce competition in Europe means low fares and price points for everyone as airlines try to outhustle one another in a cut throat environment. Service is added, new routes created and passengers save billions.
    In stark contrast, the last administration and Congress hand delivered a gift wrapped multi billion dollar gift to Wall Street: A gigantic country where four airlines could glom up 80% of flights. Essentially they've been given a promise that no matter how much they suck, how awful they are, well, they will still be in business. This has given rise to an atrocious assault on common decency and opened the floodgates to allow the airlines to repeatedly slap around a nation held hostage. (Ironically as they did in 2001, they will once again seek government $ if they screw up). The utter contempt the cartel has for the flying public is on public display every day. They no longer pay lip service to customer orientation. If just one of them got the torpedo into Chapter 11 they so richly deserve-Delta comes to mind as first among equals-it would put manners on them.
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