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    A recent SW flight was cancelled while I was at the gate. It's funny. The gate agent is making all those typicallly annoying boarding announcements about a previous flight, when all of a sudden, he gets serious and says SW flight ## to LAS is cancelled. Very matter of fact.

    I was headed to a meeting, and wasn't happy about an hour and 45 minute delay. Oh well. It happens.

    The next day I e mailed SW asking for compensation. Sorry, it's the United flyer in me. A brief short and sweet message, without any editorial comment, asking for a voucher or miles for the delay. Next day, yes, I said next day, SW responds with a $100 voucher. Since I'm new to SW, I didn't know how this would play out. My advice to new SW flyers... you have nothing to lose by sending SW an e mail during IRROPS (irregular operations).

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    That's one reason I don't fly with Southworst -- if they scrub a flight and don't have space for you on another one (or two or three) , you're not going anywhere....

    where as with Delta, United, US.....


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