Comparing Cathay's Old and New Longhaul Business Seats between London & Hong Kong

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    I recently got to do a back-to-back comparison of Cathay Pacific’s longhaul business seats (its older herringbone style & its new more open seats), and have made not one, but two video trip reports to share with you. If you do like the videos, please feel free to click the ‘thumbs up’ button on YouTube – this provides feedback to me that someone likes it, and also helps improve YouTube’s video suggestions :)

    Cathay fly a single 747 to and from Heathrow each day, and as they’re slated to leave the fleet (due to their high fuel consumption) the business seat is not being replaced with the new seat.

    This herringbone seat has been widely criticised by its customers – who have taken to calling it “the coffin”. It’s true to say to it’s very private – there’s solid walls between each seat – but it’s not as claustrophobic as British Airways’ new A380 / 787 middle seats, which don’t even face on to an aisle.

    The seats are also criticised as being too narrow, and whilst they’re not as wide as some carriers they felt the same to me as other herringbone seats as seen on Jet and Virgin Atlantic.

    In my view, if you’re a solo traveller these seats are very good – you are well cut off from everyone else. If you’re with anyone else though, do avoid these seats – you are better off with either the new business seats or a carrier with high density J seating (like British Airways).

    The future of airline fleets is now determined by fuel economy – and as such, the 777-300ER (along with the 787 and A380) are very popular around the world. The plane might not look like much from the outside, but it’s got some of the world’s best business class seats inside.
    These are nigh-on identical to American Airline’s seats, and fix the problems reported with Cathay’s previous generation – they still offer great privacy, but it’s no longer impossible to see your travel partner. If you’ve got small kids, you’re still too far away to control them easily – you’re better off with a high density business class airline.

    The food and service is great on both planes – food is served from a trolley so you can see what you’re choosing, and not everything has been cooked in the same dish (so rice isn’t dry or overcooked).
    In flight entertainment is good, with a decent selection of movies and noise-cancelling headphones.

    In summary, Cathay is beating BA on the London – Hong Kong route in every aspect regardless of which plane you pick – unless (and it’s a big “unless”!) you’re with small kids; Cathay’s seats are so far apart from each other it’s impractical to reach them easily.
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