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    Remember last week when I put together a tool for comparing IHG revenue and reward rates? Turns out that the Wyndham Hotels version of that utility was pretty easy to create now that I have the base infrastructure in place. And by pretty easy I mean it is already live on the Wandering Aramean Travel Tools site. Same basic idea applies here: You put in an airport and some dates and it spits out a table of rates. Click on the links where the prices are and it’ll take you through to the booking page.

    Revenue and reward Wyndham Hotels rates for Las Vegas in January

    As an added bonus for this search, First Class members can also compare against a corporate booking code they might be eligible for. The extra option shows up on the search dialog and the results include that special rate code, too.


    First Class members get to add a corporate code, too

    Note that in some cases the advance-purchase rates are cheaper than the AAA rates in the list above. I was thrown off by that anomaly but I double-checked the real data and the numbers are correct.

    And, just like on the other tools, clicking one of the orange filter buttons will filter the results.

    Filter your Wyndham Hotels search results to hide/show the properties you want.

    As always, let me know if you have issues with the tools.

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