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    Hey MP

    I have a question that I'm sure someone here can help out with. I am thinking about commuting every week, Monday - Thursday from LAX to PHX and back. I was wondering if anybody knew of a way to book a years worth of flights at one time with out booking one by one. As of right now I am looking at airpass by American. Any help on this issue would be great.

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    To me this is ill advised. Who is paying for the flights? You are, or a firm? What if the team you are working with ends up finishing the contract early? Lets say two or three months to the end then you are stuck with those fights. I am unfamiliar with airpass as I don't know if they would let you change flights if you have already booked those flights. If so will the new contract you will be working on will AA be the best choice for you to that city. What if the new firm picks up and books the airfare. I really rethink this as there are two many variables that can happen.
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    I have to agree with Laptop Nomad's post. The aairpass program works best with folks booking last minute fares. Since you know the route you should be able to secure a better price. You will quickly qualify for top elite status on segments so eventually upgrades won't be a problem and this is a short flight anyway. At best I would book a couple months out at a time and try to book refundable fares for all the holiday weeks you may commute. You will want to obtain an AAdmiral club membership or the Citi Exec card for that access as well. You might also try contacting AA reservations and ask for a specialist and see if they can make you a better custom deal on your business.
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    I wasn't commuting daily, but for the last 6 months of 2013 I was commuting LAX-SEA for work 3 times a month. I would book my flights both to and from work about 4 weeks out, which resulted in a decent price. Maybe you should/could book a week worth of flights at a time a few weeks out rather than making a giant pile of reservations at once. That will give you a little more flexibility and also release you of the burden of dealing with any potential schedule changes months out which could become immensely confusing.
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    Maybe you can get friendly with a travel agent who will give you a flat rate (vs. per booking fee) to book all these tickets for you.

    AAirpass is great because of the flexibility of just walking up to the counter. But it's more expensive than the cheapest fares.

    I personally would book 2-3 months out, BUT only if I remember to book the next batch each month. Being the forgetful type, and if I was sure I'd be flying to PHX for the next year, I'd just plan on a couple of Sundays in front of the TV with the laptop.

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